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Course Description

Both art and craft have been present in every culture on this planet... recording our world, our thoughts, and our feelings... and helping us better understand ourselves and each other. Craft is skilled work, the application of techniques built through learning and practice... and its critical. It’s the starting point for building the connection you’re looking for.... sort of like learning a foreign language before you can write a poem for those who speak it. It comes from the brain (both sides, but predominantly the left... through the eyes, or the ears, or the hands, or our taste buds. Embracing the discipline – consistency in effort and focus – of becoming a craftsman is essential. It’s what builds the mental – and physical – muscle memory so that the channels stay open for the art. Art comes from the heart. It’s an expression and application of imagination, feelings, thoughts, ideas or emotion and it usually provokes those things in others. It is - by nature - unstructured and boundless and it has a limitless expression and endless interpretation. Learning to use them – together – is the key.





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